The future is electric…

…and it can be great – clean, low carbon and practical. It is however new and as with all new tech there’s a learning curve (or a bleeding edge depending on your mindset).

Our Home Electric is all about what you can do to get the best out of the electric future – for each system individually and by making it all work together. Making it all work together can be a real challenge. Many manufacturers seem to think their systems work in beautiful isolation – not in the real world they don’t. Fortunately there are sometimes ways to persuade different systems to work together.

Home energy usage overview from Tesla Powerwall

Everything is based on our experience of installing and using solar panels, a heat pump, and battery storage in our home, plus running an electric car. We are learning as we go and have had to relearn some stuff along the way – our experience may provide a shortcut or two. You may have better answers – we’d love to hear them.

There will be numbers. Numbers help with a sense of perspective – is it worth spending time, effort and possibly money if it’s going to save a tenner a year? The electric future doesn’t have to be perfect – good enough often is good enough. The numbers give you the information to make your own mind up on what ‘good enough’ means for you. We’ll try and show our working and where the numbers come from so you can do your own calculations – everyone’s situation is different.

We’re in the UK so any costs, units and rules mentioned are UK specific.